Thursday, April 9, 2009

Well, finally! I have not been on the computer all year! Mrs. Jewell’s class has finally gotten their computer problems solved and I can post on my blog!
The kids are so excited about a long weekend for Easter Break! I am going home with Gabby, a student from last year’s class, and brother Ashton gets to go home with Andrea. Maybe I will get to hide some eggs, if that greedy cousin of mine, the Official E. B. will give me a chance! I am just hoping that I will get some carrots and celery on Easter morning!
When Gabby puts me on my leash, I will try to slip out and try to learn the trick to open the ‘frige, like my friend Bunnicula can! I first learned about Bunnicula when one of the book clubs was reading the book in class! What a great guy! He had the whole Monroe family bamboozled about whether or not he was a vampire! (I hope Mrs. Jewell reads this – bamboozled was a vocabulary word last week, and whether was on the spelling list this week!) I learn as much in class as those children do! Fourth grade is a blast!